December 23, 2005

A Menu for Hope II Campaign - My Dhaba's Cast-iron Kadai

Welcome to the Menu for Hope II campaign. Hope you still remember the devastating earthquake and its aftereffects of it making thousands of orphaned children, widows, destroyed households, and whatnots. The food bloggers are raising funds for UNICEF to help support vicitms of the earthquake in Northern India and Pakistan putting together a huge list of cool, fun, and personal gifts. Each of those gifts is offered as a virtual raffle prize. All you have to do is donate $5 and you will be eligible for the raffle drawing for a gift of your choice. The funds will be forwarded directly to UNICEF. The fund will be earmarked to support the victims of the Kashmir earthquake.

Recipe to participate (from ChezPim):
1. Find the gift you would like on our menu.
2. Go to A Menu for Hope II donation page and donate $5 or whatever sum you could spare.
3. Tell in the comment section of your donation form which gift(s) you would like have. My Dhaba's offering is our most valuable cast-iron kadai (fry pan) as a personal gift from our side to whomever wins the raffle prize. If you need this prize, please mention My Dhaba/Cast-iron kadai.
4. Each $5 donation will give you one chance at winning the prize of your choice. (Yes, if you donate more than $5, you are allowed to specify more than one prize.)

We have already raised an incredible amount of money - over $11,000. Please read more on Menu for Hope II here, Barbara's post on updates, and here is Pim' wonderful list of the entire menu in pictures for easier viewing. There are only two days left now for participating in this wonderful opportunity and remember this donation you make is for a great cause. Let us make it happen.

Little drops of water,
little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean
and the beauteous land.
And the little moments,
humble though they may be,
make the mighty ages
of eternity.
Little deeds of kindness,
little words of love,
make our earth an Eden,
like the heaven above.
So our little errors
lead the soul away,
from the paths of virtue
into sin to stray.
Little seeds of mercys
own by youthful hands,
grow to bless the nations
far in heathen lands.
Glory then for ever
be to God on high,
beautiful and loving,
to eternity.


Blogger mae said...

Oh, you are so sweet! You're parting with your most valuable cast-iron pan. You have a great heart VKN.

Blogger Sam said...

a great heart indeed. thank you.

Blogger VKN said...

Going by "little drops of water make a big ocean", yes, everything adds value to this noble cause. Thank you for your nice words.

Blogger Barbara Fisher said...

I am utterly and completely in awe of your generosity and love.

That is indeed beautiful and lovely beyond words.

Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Barbara. I am torn between wanting to buy a ticket so I can win it for myself and wanting to win it simply so that I can give it back to you. A well-seasoned, well-loved cast iron pan is worth more than its weight in gold. (And they are pretty heavy too!)

Thanks so much.


Blogger VKN said...

You are so kind Meg. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a great tradition at many charity events that the winner never really take the prize (at the Aspen Lukemia fundraiser for instance, in 34 years no one has actually driven off with the BMW prize but they still raise millions), I hope who ever wins your pan will know that and let you hold on to it. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the one who won the pan & I would like VK to keep it. I wouldn't feel right taking such a beloved pan. That is the only reason I bid on it, so if I won I could give it back.

Blogger VKN said...

You are so kind Marja. Thank you very much for allowing me to keep the cast-iron kadai. It was really a priced possession that we have at My Dhaba which was gifted to me by my beloved mom. Thank you very much once again for participating in the menu for hope II campaign.

PS: To revitalize the bond between the cast-iron kadai, we are going to cook "kadai chicken", one of the most mopular Indian dish just for you some time very soon. We will let you know.


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