February 1, 2006

Onion kheer (payasam aka pudding) recipe

Today at My Dhaba, we have prepared a really cool and refreshing onion kheer for you. Has anyone tasted this before?

Onion kheer (payasam aka pudding) recipe
Yield – 2 cups

Onions – 2, medium size
Boiled milk – 2 cups
Almonds – 15
Cardamom pods – 8
Sugar – 2 tablespoons
Saffron – 1/8 teaspoon, soaked in 2 tablespoons of hot milk
Raisins – 1 tablespoon, fried in a little ghee till they swell up
Ghee or oil – ¼ teaspoon

Method: Cut the onions into very tiny bits and rinse it quickly in a basin of water. Washing the onions in water will remove the raw pungent flavor. Blanch the almonds by putting those in hot water and peel off the skins when they become loose. Grind the almonds to a very smooth paste along with cardamom pods. Then dilute this paste with water to make one cup.

Heat a flat-bottomed vessel, pour in the ghee, and saute the onions in it till limp. Pour the boiled milk over the fried onions, cover with a lid, and simmer gently over low heat till the onions are boiled soft. Stir in the sugar and simmer further till the sugar is dissolved. Next add the diluted almond paste and simmer still further till reduced to 2 cupfuls. Remove from heat. Add the raisins and saffron-soaked milk to the ghee and serve hot or when lukewarm. Enjoy!

Onion kheer is very soothing when you have a cough, common cold, or feel constipated. I remember the invitation My Dhaba had received few days ago from Zoubida from Canada to participate in the meme - Natural home remedies to fight common cold. So Zoubida, onion kheer is one of the remedies for common cold that we have at My Dhaba. Hope you like this. Let me also invite a few excellent Indian food bloggers to carry on with the meme baton - AayisRecipes (Shilpa), DailyGirlBlog (Priya), FoodiesUnite (Meenal), IndianFood (SH Priya), and RasbharaRecipes (Ujwala).

We hope Becks and Posh might still consider a late entry to the Sugar Low Friday event. Sam, I am sending you My Dhaba's onion kheer as an entry there. Cheers!

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Blogger Journal Actif said...

Oh thank you so much for such an original recipe. This is something I can try as soon as this evening since I have all the ingredients. I'm very curious about how it tastes since this is a totally new mix of flavours for me.
I always wanted to ask you a question VKN. What kind of contraption do you use to grind ingredients to a paste? I think it might be a mortar and pestle but I'm not sure.
Again thanks you for this great participation to the meme.

Blogger Shilpa said...

I have added u to my blogroll though I was visiting your blog regularly(actually i learnt today how to add someone to blogroll).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my god, ONION kheer? That's something I've never come across, or even heard of. VKN :) Truth to tell, I'm almost afraid to try it... but I'm gonna do it sometime soon. It's so different!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kheer with onions...? where did you come across this recipe, sounds quite interesting ! vkn, I am sure it tastes unique ;)

Blogger VKN said...

Zoubida - for smaller quantity of ingredients, we have a small mortar and pestle; electric blender takes care of larger quantities.

Shipa - thank you very much. Hope it will really help to stay in touch.

Shammi - Please do try this out. It is delicious too. Hope you will like the taste.

Lera - surprised, arent you? It was handed over to me by my (late) sister who used to prepare this once in a while as a home remedy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems to have a Hyderabadi touch...is this Hyderabadi?

Blogger Shreya said...

I have tried this, and thank you so much it is actually superb!! My friends were not ready when I said I will make Onion Kheer for them, But when I made they ate without knowing. It was actually wonderful getting the compliments from them where they were wondering too that how would onion taste so good...


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