March 2, 2006

Pesarattu aka green gram dal dosai

Pesarattu is a mildly spicy pancake which is most common in the southern states of India, especially in Andhra Pradesh. It looks like a dosai, but taste-wise it is totally a different one and quite nutritious too. Traditionally, pesarattu is made with a strange combination of upma-onion stuffing. Along with the roasted cake, any of the favorite coconut chutneys makes it a sumptuous breakfast or an excellent teatime snack or can be devoured at any hour of the day whether hungry or not. Here is how we prepare pesarattu – a plain version roasted in original desi ghee. We have prepared coconut-onion chutney for today’s pesarattu, which proved to be an excellent combination. To those who have not yet tasted pesarattu, take our word and do try it out. It is a heavenly Indian dish.

Bringing the ingredients together...



Pesarattu aka green gram dal dosai recipe

Green gram (moong) dal – ½ kg
Green chillies – 8, medium size, medium hot
Ginger – 1/2-inch piece
Fennel seeds – 1 tablespoon
Asafoetida – a pinch, powdered (optional)
Onions – 2, medium size, finely chopped
Salt – 1 teaspoon or adjusted to taste
Ghee/oil – for roasting

Method: Wash and soak the green gram dal for at least 3 hours. Grind it with ginger, green chillies, salt, and half a cup of water into a coarse batter which is of medium thick consistency. Add the asafoetida, onions, and fennel seeds to the batter. Heat a dosai pan and when it is fully heated, pour a big ladleful of batter and spread it into a round shape in the same way you do with a dosai. Spread some ghee or oil around it, roast it for a while, turn it over, and cook the other side also in the same way. Serve it hot.

Pesarattu aka green gram dal dosai



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pesarattu & chutney is looking simply divine. I searched your database for the coconut onion chutney recipe, but couldn't find one. Could you please provide the recipe for the orange colored chutney. It is looking so appetizing.

Blogger Tanuja said...

pesarattu looks yummy can u please provide the chutney receipe it looks wonderful must be the taste also is the same:))

Blogger sailu said...

Hi Vkn,nice to see you back blogging.

Yes,pesarattu is served with upma traditionally in A.P.Great breakfast dish or like you said, can be eaten anytime of the day.Infact I did blog about Pesarattu Upma combo sometime ago.

Blogger Shammi said...

Hi VKN, good to see new recipes from you again :) My mother uses the whole version of green gram dal for pesarattu - the ones with the skin on, I mean. But I guess taste-wise it would be pretty much the same, right?

Blogger reshma said...

good to see your dhaba flourishing again:)moong-dosha is something new to me

Blogger Meenal Mehta said...

lovely recipe :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Made peserattu a couple of days back... it was very easy to make & absolutely tasty on it's own... would be good if U can give the recipe for the chutney...

Blogger FooDcrazEE said...

delishh !

Blogger BDSN said...

hi.. i have never used fennel in mine but other ing are same but i use tonnes of cilantro along with it accompanied by a chutney made out of hing..

Blogger lost in thoughts said...

Cool. I made something similar a few days ago.

But I use soaked whole green moong. Its called Moogachi Dirdi in marathi.

First time here. Great pics & recipes. Visit my blog sometime.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi vkn
glad to see u back.. luv ur recipes. please keep them coming

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Zoya here. I made pesarattu this morning for breakfast. Tasted great. Thanks :) Just two small problems for which I need solutions please...even if they sound like silly queries ! 1) I could not spread them thin on the soon as I poured the batter, it started forming. Even after I reduced the flame, the same kept happening. 2) Mine were to the dry side..not totally soft and this the way they are supposed to be or am I going wrong somewhere ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi vkn,

I tried so many of your recipes that i dont know where to start from all are simply superb. I have a small question my dad is diabetic so i want to make the ragi dosa for him but i wanted to find out if we can skip the coconut in the recipe coz of high fat content or provide me with a different alternative. I will appreciate it if you can answer to my question.

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Folks - Thanks everyone. Nice comments. Posted the chutney recipe.

Zoya - (1) maybe both cases are because of the batter which should be neither too thick nor too think and could pour easily spoon. (2) Are you using the seasoned dosai pan? Even when seasoned, the first couple of pesarattus may tear or stick to the tava, but the rest should turn out well. I would suggest not to wash and scrub the dosa tava clean after use. Instead, wipe with a greased cloth only. The first two dosais/pesarattu may stick on a freshly scrubbed tava. Pour a spoonful of ghee around the edges of a sticking dosai to help loosening it.

Anon - Ragi dosai tastes equally good without coconut in it. So, go-ahead.


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