June 1, 2006

Virtual Cooking Competition Q2 2006

We are quite excited today in announcing to you My Dhaba's Virtual Cooking Competition (VCC) Q2 2006. VCC is planned to be conducted every quarterly. Here is our invitation to food and drink lovers from all around the world to participate in this culinary competition.

The virtual cooking competition aims to honor excellence in food blogging, recognize the individuals, to develop and raise the visibility of food blogging and creative talent, and showcase the participating and competition winners' food and drink recipes. We hope that you would enjoy and have great fun by participating in My Dhaba’s one-and-only virtual cooking competition.

Who may participate? The entries may be submitted by any food lover – food and drink bloggers, website owners, noncompeting chefs, and culinary students worldwide.

What to submit? The theme for this quarter's culinary competition is "low-calorie food (main course/entree or mid-day snacks - Indian or Chinese cuisine)". There should be an end-result picture and its original recipe details for the submitted entry. Each entrant may submit up to 3 recipes. Submitted work must be preferably the orginal work of the entrant. Entrant is soley responsible for obtaining necessary authorizations to use a copyrighted recipe and also in giving proper credit to the original source of the used recipe.

How to submit?
1. Nominate your favorite recipe as a comment to this post or by e-mailing it to us (info.vkn@gmail.com) with VCC Q2 2006 in the subject line.
2. Recipes from food bloggers/web site owners eligible for entry must have been blogged or published during the period from April 1, 2006 until July 31, 2006 (deadline for entries has been extended upto this date). 3. You may also want to tag your entries as follows – [Tagged with: : ]
4. Even if you do not have a blog or a website, you can still participate in this culinary competition by sending us an email (info.vkn@gmail.com) with recipe details and a scanned picture of the end-result as an attachment.
5. Please ensure that you mention your name, blog/website name, permalink URL to the VCC recipe post, the name of your recipe, recipe source, etc., in your mail to us.
6. Only the nominations received by email or as a comment to this post are accepted.
7. When an entry is processed, the nominator will receive an email receipt confirming the entry.
8. My Dhaba is not responsible for any incomplete or disqualified entries.

Public opinion poll: The VCC Q2 2006 results will be solely based on a public opinion poll to be conducted during August 5 - August 15, 2006.

Prizes, gifts, and sponsors? It is going to be One Hundred US dollars (100 USD) at this time (self-sponsored). My Dhaba team would like to see the VCC prize money increases to be 1000 USD in this quarter or in the coming quarters. Any volunteering sponsors to this competition are most welcome. Feel free to contact us.

Deadline? The deadline for entering into the VCC Q2 2006 is July 31, 2006, 12 midnight EST. Entries cannot be accepted afterwards unless the deadline is officially extended again.

We welcome you to participate in VCC Q2 2006. Nominate your favorite low-calorie food recipe! Don’t Miss It!

For more information or to get help in nominating a recipe, feel free to contact us (info.vkn@gmail.com).



Blogger Vineela said...

Hi vkn,
Nice theme.
Going to see another great roundup.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count me in!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great theme and look forward to VCC Q2-2006. Quite a challenging theme this time around..:). Thanks for the event.

Blogger Revathi said...

Nice to see you bounce back. Thanks for including in the blog roll


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really challenging theme. Irresistibly waiting to see the low cal entries.
Cheers and Good luck!


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