November 23, 2006

FAHC Campaign

My Dhaba is embarking on its first life-saving mission – an unprecedented FAHC campaign on this Thanksgiving Day 2006 (the festival of plenty) in the loving memories of our beloved mother.


Feed a hungry child campaign? There are millions of children in the world who are hungry right now and they need food. Did you know that at every five seconds a child dies because he or she was hungry? Read these facts on hunger… For a hungry child, going to school is not that important but having enough food to eat is. We pledge in committing ourselves to pitch in and do all that is possible to feed as many hungry children as possible in our community outreach.
“The difference between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world’s problems.” – Mahatma Gandhi -
Action plans for the FAHC campaign?
1. to enlist some of the most needy orphanages/schools/charities that take care of poor, destitute, and underprivileged children.
2. to provide assistance with the feeding needs of the identified charities and to continue assisting them when they need it most.
3. to encourage, collaborate, and work with partnering individuals and organizations to join the fight against global poverty through FAHC campaign that draws on all of your kind support.

Funds? We intend to raise the funds for FAHC campaign by a voluntary ‘Group Book Project’ at My Dhaba where food lovers from all around the world participate and contribute to the finished product which is going to be intriguing treasuries of original traditional home cooking recipes. The contents of the books will remain free to read at the pages of My Dhaba, participating food blogs, and web sites for online use. The hard copies will go in for a sale. The FAHC campaign will benefit from 100% of the author royalties.

How can you support? Here is our open invitation to all of you, the food lovers and friends – you can help feed a hungry child by participating and collaborating at FAHC campaign. All we need from you for now is your generous contributions of your favorite original home cooking recipes and pictures endorsed to the Group Book Project. My Dhaba will take care of other things. These contributions will be followed up with a landmark publishing and fundraising sales of the cookbooks. We will look forward to your contributions. The name we suggest for the initial publication is …
You Can Cook
- authentic traditional home cooking recipes -
“You Can Cook” book series will be simple cookbooks written by a group of seasoned chefs, homemakers, food bloggers, restauranteurs, and web site owners which will offer practical hands-on cooking advices to anyone who cooks traditional dishes at home, whether just thinking of starting to learn cooking at home or at cooking classes, new homemakers, or professional chefs. We sincerely hope that these books are of some use, fun to read, and a perfect gift to all food lovers and culinary students.

As it is going to be a collaborative effort by global food lovers, we also need volunteers who can help us with tips on book-design, formats and layout, proof-reading, editing, publishing, marketing, sales of books, etc. Let us know your thoughts, ideas, questions, or comments regarding FAHC campaign.

Please note - we are not accepting any other forms of donations as of now.

Join our Google Group now and keep up-to-date with the FAHC campaign! Will you help us in getting the word out? Thank you.



Blogger Ashwini said...

VKN I appreciate this effort of yours and will definitely like to contribute.
Thank you for giving us an opportunity like this - I am so glad to be part of such a constructive and positive project.

Blogger Pooja said...

this is a very positive idea ! I am willing to contribute for this. Do let me know, how and when i should contribute my recipe for this. and how many recipe I can contribute for that.
Anything for such a nice project. Whenever you start any such project for helping others, always consider me as a part of that. do let me know if I can be of any help with designing , formatting and editing. I will always get time from my schedule for such a good job .
Great idea!

Blogger Jaya M said...

I really appreciate your efforts.
its a great project ,I would love to contribute in this noble cause,do let us know when we can contribute recipe to this wonderful cause..
warm regards

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Message received at our Google Group from Rosie Bitchin in the Kitchen with Rosie:

Hello, I was interested in helping you with your fundraising project. I am definitely interested in submitting a recipe, but I may also be able to help you with the graphic design and layout. Please let me know what the production schedule is and I will do what I can for you. Thanks.

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Thank you Ashwini, Pooja, Mantu, and Rosie for your kind support and enormous generosity with offers in helping FAHC Campaign. With your help we can make a real difference in the lives of a large number of underpriviledged children.

We will keep you posted with the production schedule. We will definitely need all your possible help. The two tasks with us right now is getting the word out and to gather and identify all endorsements for the group book project - You Can Cook.

All your contributions are welcome. They are needed. If you have original traditional home cooking recipes which you think should appear in our Group Book Project – 'You Can Cook', please begin submitting it via an e-mail or as a comment to this post.

Please do watch out for our next post mainly on recipe contributions answering all most basic FAQs - what, when, how, how many, possible categories, etc. Thank you once again.

Blogger Audrey said...

I'm glad that you emailed me and it would very much be my pleasure to participate to this project ! It's a wonderful idea !
Yet, I'm not really sure about the kind of recipes that you would like to get, the dead line, and other factual aspects. Would you please keep me updated ?
Thanks a lot,

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Hi Audrey - Thank you for your interest to participate at FAHC campaign. We are now finalizing the key tasks and workflow stages, target completion dates, basic outline of the book contents, etc. We will keep you posted.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to contribute a recipe, and see who I can corral for the production portion. Are you looking for Indian recipies, or can I contribute some of my traditional Mexican recipies?

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Thank you Tracie! There is a possibility of producing one big book with multi-cuisine recipes or different books niching on unique cuisines. We would be able to decide this solely based on the contributions received at VCC Q4 2006. Please do watch out for VCC Q4 2006 and we look forward to add your traditional Mexican recipes in the contributions.

Blogger Shammi said...

VKN, I would love to help with editing the submissions for grammar, accuracy and consistency. I worked as an editor for 10 years in India (Indian Express, The Hindu) and in Singapore (The New Paper), and I would love to use my experience to help in a good cause like this. Please email me on, if you think I can be of any use.

Blogger Rajesh &Shankari said...

Hello VKN,

I can most definitely help. If I can also direct you to an orphange that badly needs our help, that would be great! I have written a post about this in my blog as well.

Blogger Lady Amalthea said...

This is such a fabulous idea. I deinitely want to contribute. I'll also help out with editing as I've had quite a bit of experience with that. Keep me posted and I'll start sending you recipes as I write them up.


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