June 26, 2005

Special masala chai (tea) recipe

Here is My Dhaba's special masala chai (tea) recipe in 3 different methods to prepare it. Enjoy! Do you know of any other masala tea variations?

Special masala chai (tea) recipe:

Water – 3/4 cup
Milk – 1/2 cup
Tea powder – 1-1/4 teaspoon
Ginger – 1/4 inch size, freshly chopped and crushed
Cardamom – 2 pods
Clove – 1
Black pepper – 1-2 big size (optional)
Cinnamon stick – 1/4 inch size (optional)
Sugar – as desired or enough to make the tea sweet

Method #1: Crush all of the spices together and immediately mix it with water and milk in a saucepan and bring slowly to boil. Add tea leaves and turn up the heat when boiling. Add sugar. Swirl it around until it reaches the desired strength. Drain on a strainer into small glasses or tea cups.

Method #2: Boil the water. Stop the heat source. Add tea leaves and crushed spices to the boiling water in a tea decanter. Cover it for 3-4 minutes allowing the tea to brew. Drain into tea cups. Add milk and sugar to taste.

Method #3: Boil the water. Add tea leaves and reduce heat. Do not stop heat source. Add the crushed spices. Cook slowly for one or two minutes. Add milk and cook a little more. Drain and serve. Sugar as desired.



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