July 17, 2005

Chicken fried rice (Chinese-style) with video

Chicken fried rice recipe (Chinese-Style) - Video here
Serves - 3-4

White rice – 4 cups, cooked
Chicken – 1 cup, cut into small pieces
Egg – 1
Oil/butter – 2 teaspoons
Garlic – 4 cloves, chopped
Ginger – ½ inch piece, chopped
Spring onion – 4 stalks, cut into ½ cm pieces
Cabbage – 1 cup, chopped
Carrot – ½ cup, finely diced
Soy sauce – 2 tablespoons
Pepper – 1 teaspoon
Tomato sauce – 1 tablespoons
Salt – 1 teaspoon
Chicken stock – 1/3 cup or 2 teaspoons chicken stock powder

Method: Cook the rice and put aside. Heat oil/butter in a wide skillet at a very low heat. Add garlic and ginger and fry for 30 seconds taking care not to brown it. Add egg, 1/4th of the spring onions, and fry until the egg turns into small pieces. Add chicken pieces, bring the skillet to full heat, and stir rapidly for 30 seconds. Add ¾ of the remaining sping onions, cabbage, and carrots and stir everything together. Add chicken stock, stir, and cook for two minutes. Add cooked rice, soy sauce, tomato sauce, and stir-fry for another 3 minutes and serve on a rice plate. Garnish with the remaining spring onions. Chicken fried rice is a complete meal by itself - good combination would be with a soup and/or a vegetable side dish. Enjoy!


Anonymous Reena said...

Your site is exceptionally good. The video gave me more confidence to try it out and the recipe came out really good.

Anonymous Alex said...

awesome recipe..tried it personally :-)
u shud put more videos about recipe..especially Chicken chilly and Chicken 65...hehe
Thats just me being greedy..anywayz keep up with good work :-)

Anonymous Manoj Nimbalkar said...

Man, this was a kick ass recipe. I cooked it for my wife and she was really impressed....and great idea of posting the video.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished making this fried rice... Excellent recipe!!!! I avoided the tomato sauce coz i didnt want the tomato flavor in the rice... It was yummy! Thanx!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is chicken stock?
where can I get that in US?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

plz suggest a substitute 4
chicken-stock in chicken friedrice

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video and the recipe.
Just a note of caution though - I would not leave the plastic spoon you are cooking with on a hot pan since it burns.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

at first boil chichen in some water when the chicken boiled perfectly the remaining water in the pan called chicken stock.

Anonymous Address neha said...

I have tasted fried rice in many hotels and Dhaba, but every time I found it different from previous one, don't know why? May be there is no standard recipe to cook fried rice or every restaurant has its own unique way of cooking. God Knows!


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