December 12, 2005

Egg flip

An egg flip taken early in the morning about 2 hours before a regular light breakfast gives strength and vitality to the body. Here is our most simple egg flip recipe.

Bringing the ingredients together…

Egg flip recipe

Egg – 1, preferably a freshly laid hen’s egg
Sugar – 2 teaspoons
Salt – a pinch
Milk – ¾ cup, cow’s milk boiled and allowed it to cool to make it just warm
Cardomom – 1, powdered

Method: Beat up the egg very well and add the sugar, salt, and cardomom powder. Beat up again till the sugar and salt is dissolved completely. Add slowly the milk and mix all together well. Strain if you like it that way and serve warm.



Blogger radhi said...

Can this Egg shake be given to kids?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my kids favourite for breakfast drink. i prefer egg flip to tea or coffee. much healthier. brought up with this from a younge mum use to make this for me

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to drink this as a kid back in India. Just substituted the cardamom and salt with scraped nutmeg. Another addition (though not really recommended for kids) was a tablespoon of brandy. Thank goodness we did not have the equivalent of Children's Aid Services in India back then or else my parents would have lost me for that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am only 11yrs i live in India and i have this stuff everyday and i improved my 100m sprint by 3sec!!!!!!!!!!!! :D so i just want to say thank u to the inventor of this disgusting stuff!!!!!!! :P

Blogger Carol said...

good blog, but I couldnt quite make out whether you are male or female till I saw the post on Omani Halwa and one reader has commented on what a lucky son your mother has! Great stuff and splendid cooking. Hats of to you.
The Omani halwa brought back memories since I just resettled back home in India after years of living in Oman and the halwa was the mainstay of our lives there. Come home on vacation and boxes of O. halwa would fill our baggage to hand over to relatives.
I miss it and will try to replicate that stuff one of these days buy using your recipe since the others I have through Omani friends use a huge quantity.
On another note, the egg flip was also another weekly habit my mum would give us esp. when we had a cold or recovered from flu' with a shot of brandy and we kids loved it. Nice to know that others in India also took this stuff. You bring back a lot of memories.

Blogger Carol said...

Oh yes, for other readers, its meant for kids. Strengthens the chest after illness and better for the physique. Nutmeg was also grated into this concoction and it must be drunk as soon as its made.

Anonymous Anneliese said...

Just made this for breakfast :) My grandma used to make this for her daughters when they were poorly and I was struggling to find a recipe for eggy flip with no alcohol in it! This was perfect :) thank you.


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