December 15, 2005

My Dhaba's milestone achievement

We would like to thank all My Dhaba's guests for being with us so far without whom we would not be able to reach a milestone achievement today.

Congratulations My Dhaba team :-), i.e., I, my wife, Adarsh, and Aditya. Site meter now says the total number of visitors since October 23, 2005, has crossed 10,000 mark - isn't it a milestone achievement.

It took us precisely 54 days to reach this mark. The next milestone achievement for us would be by reaching 100,000 mark. Let us see how many days it would take :-)

Your kind support, continued cooperation, and valuable feedbacks are always appreciated. You are really our inspiration.


My Dhaba team


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats, guys.keep it going.btw,wud u happen to know how to make "ennai kathrikaa kaara kuzhambu?".

Anonymous priya,ar said...

Congrats My Dhaba team. 10,000 visitors in just 54 days , thats great ! good going VKN.

Anonymous Paz said...

CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to the magnificent My Dhaba team!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion.If you could include a printer friendly link,it'd be great.congrats

Blogger vkn said...

Thank you everyone.

Anonymous - yes, we will cook that one brinjal oil hot sauce today :-) It is our favorite too.

Anonymous - To have a printer-friendly link is a brilliant suggestion. We do not know how to get that here; anywayz we are reading on the subject, will keep you posted.


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