December 15, 2005

My Dhaba's unforgettable guest of the day

We at My Dhaba consider all our returning visitors as the most distinguished guests of the day without whom we would not be able to learn so many new things in a such a short period of time harnessing the power of internet's interconnectivity. Yes, blogging has really made our last two months :-)

We do encounter few unforgettable guests once in a while. This is just for your info that we do try to keep an external link to all of our guests from our index page with a sole purpose of staying in touch with them.

Presenting to you one of My Dhaba's most unforgettable guests of the day.

This guest just flew in from nowhere to My Dhaba's kitchen today via one of the open windows and perched near the microwave oven. We became friends in just few minutes and it got settled down on my index finger. It is still hanging around and playing with kids who are really excited today. It seems there are no plans of going back, hopping around all over the home enjoying every bit of its stay, and just sipped a little milk so far.

Does anyone know its name? We are still searching. Any ornithologists out there? Here are some pictures of My Dhaba's most unforgettable guest of the day :-)


Anonymous Lera said...

Vkn,what picture! I am for one, not an ornithologist, but can take a guess,it looks very much like a pigeon!

Anonymous paz said...

Beautiful bird. I know nothing about bird types but like Lera, it looks to me to be a pigeon. A smart pigeon that knows a good home when he/she flies into one. ;-)



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