January 6, 2006

Chocolate idlee

Idlees form a very popular and familiar breakfast food in India. It is a very bland and easily digested food, because it is steamed and no ghee, oil, or spices are used in making it. I will write about the techniques associated with making soft and fluffy idlees some other time.

Have you ever made chocolate idlees at home? This was one of my (late) sister's most favorite breakfast variations? We all love this and makes it once in a while at home. Hope you would also like this. Here is the recipe details for chocolate idlee/idli.

Bringing the ingredients together...

Chocolate idlee recipe
Serves – 4
Preparation time – 40 minutes

Bread rusks – 1 cup, coarsely powdered
Egg – 1
Milk – 1-1/2 cups
Cocoa powder – 2 teaspoons
Butter – 2 teaspoons, melted
Sugar – ½ cup or added as needed
Salt – a pinch

Method: Beat up the egg well to froth and add sugar. Beat it well again till the sugar dissolves. Add the cocoa powder, bread rusk powder, butter, and salt and mix together well. Pour in enough milk to make it into a thick batter of pouring consistency similar to that of idlee batter. Grease the perforated idlee plate with melted ghee and fill them three-quarters with the batter. Pour water into the idlee vessel to the depth of 2 inches. Fit the plate on the inside projecting rim of the vessel. Heat the idlee vessel and when the water inside boils, keep the batter-filled plates, and cover the idlee vessel with its tight-fitting lid and steam for 30 minutes. Alternatively, you may also use greased small bowls, pour and fill the batter to three-fourths of the bowl, place those over the perforated idlee plate, and steam as mentioned before for nice semicircular shapes. Serve chocolate idlees either hot or cold as an excellent breakfast or as an evening snack.



Blogger Tina Jennifer D'Silva said...


Looks so delicious. I feel like trying it right away.
What is bread rusks? Is it bread crumbs...

Blogger Meena said...

wow VK!! I didn't even know chocolate Idlis existed!!! I know I'll love this one!

Blogger Mika said...

VKN- how innovative. It is almost like a steamed pudding and it does not even have any other leavening agents. I usually have a lot of left-over bread. I will have to try this. Your son is lucky to be the taster and I bet he loves it.

Anonymous Indira said...

I have to try this one, VKN. Looks very promising, I bet it tastes quite good.
Your sister,the best cook ever, just for this idea alone!

Anonymous Lera said...

Vkn,another one of your surprise dishes for the New year,after Mooli wadi.will try this one today :)

Blogger beesidhu said...

This looks very intersting ....must try !

Blogger vkn said...

Tina - so tempting, isn't! Bread rusks are sweet, raised bread or cake toasted in an oven, or baked a second time, after slicing, until browned and crisp. Hope this is clear.

Blogger vkn said...

Meena - I think one of the most endangered dishes. There are sooo many such recipes yet to be posted. Due to time constraints, I am currently able to post only few of them in a week.

Blogger vkn said...

Mika - so nice to see you back. Oh, you are right; kids just love it and demand for making it quite often. They devoured all of those in one sitting :-)

Blogger vkn said...

Indira - thanks for visiting here after a long hibernation :-) I really feel soo happy today to see you around.

You just cant imagine how much I miss my sister. This is the only way I now know to immortalize all of my sister's ideas, her love, care, and creative thoughts. I will definitely write a separate post devoted to her with few of her pictures and other details on her impending B'day.

Blogger vkn said...

Lera - have you already tried mooli vada? How did it turn out?

Blogger vkn said...

beesidhu - welcome to be our guest of the day. Glad to know that you had enjoyed your stay at My Dhaba. You will find all our previous recipes at our menu which you could locate at the top right corner. Cheers!

Blogger ammani said...

Chocolate Idlis? Who'd have thought? Clever variation and no doubt a big hit. Looks like sponge cake. Bet it takes yum.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very delicious looking. I've added this to my to try list. Will let u know the outcome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you made cake and u name it idly.u r funny

Anonymous megha said...

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Anonymous vivek dominos said...

yummy.... dis ll definitely give ma guests part tonight....

Anonymous Mansi said...

Delicious chocolate item...Thnx for sharing..vl try it in weekend


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