January 11, 2006

Homemade tomato jam

It is really a delightful exercise making jams, pickles, and sauces at home. When we got home a bumper purchase of big, red, fully ripe, and firm tomatoes today, the inspiration struck and reminded us that pineapple and tomato jams were got over last week. We could not resist ourselves making our favorite tomato jam today. Here is the result with recipe details.

Bringing the ingredients together...

Homemade tomato jam recipe

Tomato – ½ kg, fully ripe and firm
Sugar – 2 cupfuls or as desired
Lime juice – 3 teaspoons
Orange rind – a small piece, cut into tiny shreds (optional)

Method: Dip the tomatoes and orange rinds completely in boiling water and allow the water to cool enough to handle. Remove the tomatoes from water, peel off the skins, and mash it to a soft pulp along with orange rind. Mix well the lime juice, tomato pulp, and sugar in a flat-bottomed heavy vessel. Place the vessel over high heat and stir constantly making the sugar dissolve before allowing it to come to the boil. Boil rapidly further till it reaches the setting point and remove from the heat immediately. Leave aside for 5 minutes to settle. Stir it thoroughly once before putting into clean dry jars or bottles. We can store this jam in a cool, dark, dry, and airy part of our kitchen or cupboard; need not refrigerate. We use this jam to have with dosais, chappaties, idlees, and/or bread. Enjoy!



Blogger ilva said...

I have to remember this recipe when the summer comes...

Anonymous Indira said...

It's been a while, since I made tomato jam, VKN. I'm waiting for spring, the tomato prices will come down here by spring/summer.
I also make it the same way, like you did, in small batches for one or two weeks like that. Vijay loves tomato jam and tomato juice.
Good recipe and photos.

Blogger gini said...

Never even knew about tomato jam..Thanks VK for this nice intro..is this sweet or tangy?

Blogger Alanna said...

I made a wonderful Tomato Ginger Jam last summer and would definitely recommend it, so long as you can find chopped/minced ginger. Otherwise I suspect it'd take forever to mince up that much!


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