January 7, 2006

Nimbu ka achaar aka Lime pickle - the final result

More than a week has been passed by since we prepared our lime pickle. It usually takes 3 complete weeks to get properly seasoned. To our surprise, thanks to few sunny days we had here at Muscat during this week, it is now completely ready on its 8th day. We had kept the bottle outside in the sun for fast seasoning during those sunny days. Here is the result. You may want to see the recipe details and initial pictures; please find it here - nimbu ka achaar aka lime pickle recipe.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

these look great! i'm curious, when you first bottle them, do you do a boiling bath? i've read some of madhur jaffrey's pickled lemon recipes and there's no mention of boiling, so i thought i'd ask.


- brian

Blogger vkn said...

Hi brian - Welcome to be our guest of the day.

'Boiling bath' is a preservation technique used in large scale pickle-producing small industries. Sterilization of the pickle jars is more than enough for a home-based small scale preparation where the bottles can be sterilized in the following ways: a) Clean and wipe-dry the pickle jar/bottle very well. b) Crumple a small piece of asafoetida and sprinkle it over a hot fry pan. Turn and hold the pickle jar upside down and collect all the fumes of the asafoetida for approximately 5 minutes. This will help to sterilize the jar so effectively so that the pickles will not spoil for quite a long period of time.

Hope this info helps. Feel free to let me know should you need more clarification.

Anonymous brian said...

very good, thanks for information. i'll give this recipe a try this week!

- brian

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Blogger revatechnic said...

i'm salivating


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