January 12, 2006

An open thank you note to you, Marja

Here is a comment we received yesterday, "I am the one who won the pan & I would like VK to keep it. I wouldn't feel right taking such a beloved pan. That is the only reason I bid on it, so if I won I could give it back. - Marja Allen (jilli42) -"

We want you to know that we were really moved by seeing your benevolent approach, and we do not have enough words to express our sincere gratitude. You are so kind Marja. Thank you very much for allowing me to keep the cast-iron kadai. It was really a priced possession that we have at My Dhaba which was gifted to me by my beloved mom. We wanted to participate in the great Menu for Hope II campaign in our own simplest ways, and we had pledged it to give away this most valuabe cast-iron kadai as a personal gift from our side to whomever wins the raffle draw. Thank you very much once again for participating in the Menu for Hope II campaign.

PS: To revitalize the bond between the cast-iron kadai, we will be cooking "kadai chicken", one of the most popular Indian dish just for you some time very soon and will post the recipe details and pictures here. We will let you know Marja.



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