February 12, 2006

Fried chilli squids aka calamari

Squids are often called as calamari in the fish markets and restaurants. Squids, sometimes considered shellfish are related to octopuses. More information on squids is here at wiki.

Let us present to you one of our favorite seafood recipes today - the fried chilli squids.

Thoroughly cleaned squid

Fried chilli squids aka calamari recipe

Squids - 1/2 kg or about 10 squids, cleaned well and sliced into pieces (How to clean squids?)
Onions - 2 medium size, finely sliced
Green chillies - 5, medium size, finely chopped
Garlic - 4 beads, crushed
Vinegar - 2 teaspoons
Black pepper powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Cummin powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon or adjusted to taste

Method: Heat oil in a frying pan and when very hot put in the onions. When onions turns limp, add the squids. Cover with a lid, bring slowly to boil, and cook till all the water of the squids is dried. Add all other ingredietns together at this time and stir-fry the squids till brown. Serve hot garnished with lemon wedges and sweet bell pepper slices.



Anonymous Deepak said...

That looks so disgusting! Please refrain from putting such disgusting photos on your site. The cooked dish is ok, but the uncooked pic is pathetic!!

Blogger Reshma said...

I am going to try this one:)

Blogger Barbara Fisher said...

I adore squid, but do not cook it often, as my family are not as fond of it as I am.

My favorite way to have it is Thai--with chilies, shallots and garlic, stir fried. Then, at the end, some lime juice and Thai basil is added--it is an amazing dish.

I think that your recipe would taste similar, yet would be unique. I may have to give it a go for myself for lunch some day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good good


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