March 17, 2006

Sea crab curry

Sea crab curry recipe

Sea crabs – ½ kg (How to clean crabs? - Here is a cool link.)
Coriander seeds – 1 tablespoon
Cummin seeds – 1 teaspoon
Black peppercorns – 1 teaspoon
Fenugreek seeds – 1 teaspoon
Garlic – 8 flakes
Ginger – 1-inch piece
Green chillies – 6, medium size, medium hot (or dried red chillies - 4)
Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon
Tamarind extract – 2 tablespoons (or tomatoes – 1, finely chopped)
Coconut – 1 cup, grated (half portion of a medium-sized coconut)
Onion – 1, finely chopped
Salt – 1 teaspoon, adjust to taste
Oil – 2 teaspoons (preferably coconut oil)

Method: Fry lightly the coriander seeds, cummin seeds, black peppercorns, and fenugreek seeds taking care not to brown them. Grind it along with ginger, garlic, green chillies, coconut, and turmeric powder to a smooth paste. Heat a flat-bottomed vessel and pour in the oil. When it becomes smoking hot, add the onions and saute till the onion edges turn brown here and there. Add the ground masala paste and salt. Fry for a minute. Add the tamarind extract or tomatoes at this stage and saute till the tomatoes are soft. Add the crabs and mix it well with the masala. Pour 2 cupfuls of hot water over the crabs or sufficient to just cover it. Cover and cook over moderate heat till the crabs are cooked well and the gravy is thickish to your required consistency. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with plain rice. Enjoy!



Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

looks wonderful..chinese would prefer to use mud crab but i have tried this crab before and it is definitely sweeter for curry. marvellous!

Blogger Kitchenmate said...

VKN: Curry makes me drool, waiting for your recipe:)

Blogger Tanuja said...

vkn waiting eargerly for ur crab receipe the snaps looks great:)

Blogger Luv2cook said...


Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. :)

Blogger spicehut said...

Looks just yummy.

Anonymous Priya said...

I visit ur blog often...I found the crab pic and was wondering what a lovely crab showpiece u had..!!! :-) ...well u can guess I am vegetarian...only after I saw the comments did I realise it was the crab I see in the pic below it...!! hehe

Blogger vkn said...

Tx folks - crab recipe is up, do give it a try and let me know how it came out.

Foodcrazee - mud crabs curried in coconut milk are my favorites too :-)

Priya - I will get you some vegan recipes soon. I am rowing against one of my tightest time schedules these days :-)

Blogger Kay said...

The crab curry looks delicious! :) Reminds me of amm's crab curry.. But she chops the crabs to avoid scaring us.

The crab in the first picture gives an ominous look - as if saying 'You want to cook me? I'll eat you alive!' :)

Blogger Melissa CookingDiva said...

Wow, this is a very interesting looking crab! The final dish looks fantastic :)

Blogger Sophie said...

Hey, I googled crab recipes and found your blog so tried it for Father's Day in Fiji - a big hit! Thank you for this great recipe! I'll be visiting again! BW!

Anonymous whatmattatetoday said...

Looks really tasty. I've never tried sea crab before. Here's a crab curry recipe my family do in the UK:

Crab Curry with Cromer Crabs

Anonymous Indian Recipes said...

I agree, this one looks such an interesting crab.


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