April 10, 2006

VCC05: Chicken lollypop

Chicken Lollypop

Recipe by Mohammed Hussein

8 chicken wings
1 cup bread crumps
1 tablespoon corn flour
A pinch of ajno motto (optional)
1/2 teaspoon salt
Oil for deep frying
1 egg
1 tablespoon white pepper

Method: Beat egg well in a bowl. Add corn flour, ajno motto, salt, and white pepper powder and make a fine batter. Add chicken wings to it. Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan and pour in the chicken wings one at a time and deep fry until the chicken turns dark brown. Serve hot.

VCC: VCC Q1-2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i just went thru mohammad hussain's chicken lollipop. The recipe looks delicious. But what to do with the bread crumbs. coat the crumbs before frying in oil rite ?

Blogger interfer--on said...

This recipe came out real gud........ was tasting just like those lollipops we get in posh hotels..... Should open on lollishop centre ;)))

Blogger sudakshina said...

I wud really appreciate if you can tell me how to deep fry- as of- how many minutes do I keep this coated chicken legs in the oil? because i cant get my chicken leg cooked from inside when I tried to do the deep frying otherwise till the deep fry part it was very good! either the coat got badly burn to get the chicken cooked or the chicken deep inside was half cooked! Thanks


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