June 29, 2006

How low is too high?

The theme for VCC Q2 2006 is "low-calorie food (main course/entree - Indian or Chinese cuisine)". We agree with many of our blogmates that the theme is quite a challenging one this time around. Low-calorie main course or entree - not by using smaller plates or smaller portions; the meal should be self-sufficient and filling for one adult person. What do you think? Has anyone thought of limiting the number of calories per serving in a main course? How do you track your calorie consumption? How low is too high?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this.


Blogger Sumitha said...

Hi VKN,I had sent a mail to you with a query regarding VCC.Have you got the mail?

Anonymous Indira said...

These things are difficult to calculate and depend on individual needs (which are not constant and change with time).

One person's low calorie is another man/woman's high calorie food, in my view. Also even with low calorie food, if one consumes large quantities, where is the benifit?

I wish for another theme, VKN. Please consider. My two cents. Thanks!

Blogger Rajesh Soni said...

The secret of health lies not in eating less but in eating whatever you wish and having a regular physical exercise routine such as jogging, yoga, meditation and stretch exercise. So I would say eat whatever delights your taste buds but remember to shed the excess calories by your exercise routine.

Blogger Nupur said...

One way is to use lots of vegetables and whole grains which are filling and high in fiber. And to make a dish flavorful (use spices and herbs rather liberally) so that you don't miss the fat.

Blogger RP said...

This theme is going to be difficult for me. I haven't started any diet or counting calories yet. I never hesitated to eat anything because it is high in calories. All in all, I have never bothered about these kinds of stuff, and so is my husband. Maybe in the future, when one of us is diagnosed with a disorder? Hmm…prevention is better than cure. Got to think about it.


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