July 5, 2006

Beauty of Bahrain

I was on a business travel to Bahrain and could not post you anything during last week. Bahrain serves as the banking and financial hub of the Arabian gulf. Here are some pictures of this beautiful country for you.

The above snap was taken from a closed room window at the 8th floor of Diplomat Radisson SAS hotel.

Bahrain's world trade center (left) and the Bahrain's financial harbour (right) are in the final stages of completion.


Blogger starry nights said...

Beautiful pics, never been to Bahrein but would love to someday.

Blogger Nerissa said...

Bahrain looks very flat in your pictures. Is it? The sky seems endless :)

Blogger Sumitha said...

Heard that the temperature is soaring high in that part of the world.

Blogger vkn said...

SN - Plan your trip some time during Dec-Jan; best time to visit there.

Nerissa - Oh yes, those pictured part of Bahrain is what they call it as "re-claimed land"; so many acres of sea has been converted to land and multi-storeyed buildings are coming up on that area. Perhaps, that is why the picture looks flat.

Sumitha - It is fire outside :-)

Blogger Mahek said...

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