July 10, 2006

VCC Q2 2006 - call for entries

Folks - this is to make a call for entries to VCC Q2 2006. We have now made a few changes and have finalized on the winner's prize money for VCC Q2 2006.

The changes are as mentioned below.

Theme: Low-calorie food (main course/entree or mid-day snacks - Indian or Chinese cuisine)

First place winner's prize money: It is going to be One Hundred US dollars (100 USD) at this time (self-sponsored).

Deadline for entries: July 31, 2006, 12 midnight, EST.

All other details of the competition remain the same; please find it here.

We welcome you to participate in VCC Q2 2006. The calories we drink and eat really counts. Think about foods which do not add pounds to your waistline but add essential nutrition to the whole body. Maintaining a healthy weight is a balancing act; "calories in" should be equal to "calories out". Hope you will agree with us that there are quite a large number of great foods in Indian and Chinese cuisine, which gives much less calories but very rich in nutrition. Run your imaginations wild, pick one interesting low-calorie food item, and nominate it for this virtual cooking competition event.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im going to try this right now!
Love ya! Amen.



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