August 3, 2006

VCC Q2 2006 - voting begins today

It is time now to determine the first place winner of My Dhaba's Virtual Cooking Competition (VCC) Q2 2006. Who do you think is the winner of VCC Q2 2006? My Dhaba team is hereby requesting its readers and supporters to vote for their choice in determining the first place winner of the one-and-only virtual culinary competition.

For this quarter Q2 2006, the VCC prize money is One Hundred US Dollars (100 USD), self-sponsored by My Dhaba, which will be sent to the first place winner of the competition.

Public opinion poll: How to vote?
Cast your vote only once in favor of only one entry by mentioning the VCC entry code via feedback/comment option of this blog post. Any other text in the feedback is optional. Comment moderation has been enabled. Nonbloggers/Anonymous votes - we need your name and email address mentioned with your valuable votes for further reconfirmation of your vote; this is to avoid cheating. The VCC entrants are allowed to cast their votes for other participants. Last date to vote is August 14, 2006; 12 midnight EST.

My Dhaba's Virtual Cooking Competition (VCC) Q1 2006
Theme - Low-calorie food (Main course/entree/mid-day snacks - Indian or Chinese cuisine)

Here is the chosen list of participating entries with their VCC entry codes that link directly to its recipe details on a click.

Tri-colored Spiral Parathas by Roopa at Crazy About Food

Spinach Dosa Stir Fry with Vegetables by Archana at Spicyana

Soya Chunks Varuval by Pushpa at Pusiva

Ridgegourd Sodhi by Pushpa at Pusiva

Low Calorie Masala Pizza by Sumitha at Kitchen Wonders

Every vote counts. We will leave it up to you... just make sure the right winner of this competition benefits from your decision.

VCC: VCC-Q2-2006


Anonymous Kavitha said...

Hi Roopa, What a wonderful recipe, it looks so delicious and colorful too. Definitely will try this!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun making Tri-colored Spiral Parathas. SOmething different

Blogger Kishor Cariappa said...


I found reference to your blog here.

How are you doing?


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