October 2, 2006

Coconut barfi

Today is the last day of Navaratri. We have made one of our favorite sweets during the festive season for the kids today. Here is how we make our traditional coconut barfis.

Bringing the ingredients together...

Coconut barfi recipe

Coconut – 1, matured one or 2 cups of scraped coconut shreds
Water – 2 cups
Milk – 2 tablespoon
Sugar – 1-1/2 cups
Cardamoms – 6, finely powdered
Ghee – 3 tablespoons, melted

Method: Fry the coconut shreds gently in a dry pan over moderate heat till the coconut milk moisture is somewhat lessened. Boil the water in a wide-mouthed vessel over moderate heat. When the water boils, add the sugar and keep on stirring till the sugar water boils. Add the milk to the boiling sugar syrup to remove the scum and dirt if any and remove them when they come to the surface. When the sugar syrup reaches a thick syrupy stage, add the fried coconut shreds to it. Stir constantly till the coconut and sugar syrup are blended thickly and stickily together. Now add the ghee and cardamom seeds powder. When the mixture looks thick and frothy, remove from the heat and pour into a ghee-smeared table or plate. Flatten the surface evenly with the help of an oiled flat slice. When cold, cut into squares or diamond shapes. Enjoy!



Anonymous RP said...

Sounds good vkn.
Looks like a nice entry for JFI-Ghee.

Blogger Prema Sundar said...

Coconut burfi is my all time favourite and My MIL would make wonderful burfis. Urs look exactly like the ones she make . Thanks for the recipe.
BTW I made ur Aval payasam for saraswathi puja and it turned out great. thanks. I will be posting that in a couple of days linking u.

Anonymous Just for fun said...

Wow! wonderful burfi. I love it. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous James said...

The burfi is great i love coconut and this recipe is definetly my next recipy to try.

Blogger Foodie's Hope said...

Love the way they look,not easy to get the correct consistency always! Your's looks perfect!! Thanks !!:))

Blogger Mahek said...

coconut burfi are my brothers favorite and my mom makes them for him...
your pictures are so good !!!
i am sure the barfi will be as tasty as they look in the pictures.

Blogger Radhika said...

Coconut barfi is my favourite.My mom would make them back at home.Thanks

Blogger Abha said...

nice recipe....

Blogger Abha said...

nice recipe.....

Anonymous Anu said...

Nice .... Love fresh coconut ladoos and burfis. Looks good.

Anonymous PSU said...

I was just surfing along for coconut barfi to make for Deepawali. It looks just like the ones my mother makes. Thanks

Blogger vkn said...

Thanks everyone. Your kind words are truly inspiring. Cheers!

Blogger Mansi Desai said...

Hi, First time here, and I don't know how I missed your blog! its beautiful, very nicely written:) the barfi looks great! I posted coconut laddoos today on my blog:)

Blogger jyothirmayi said...

really tasty...my kids loved it! i told them i got it frm hee...thank you...


Blogger sunshine said...

Wow.. This Is Simply Yum.. It Turned Out So delicious & My Baby Just Loves It.. Thnx A Ton For the Receipe...



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