October 30, 2006

Final call for entries at VCC Q3 2006 - deadline October 31, 2006

Folks - here is our final call for entries at VCC Q3 2006.

Details in brief:
Theme: Festival foods - any cuisine.
First place winner's prize money: This time it is One Hundred US dollars (100 USD) (sponsored by My Dhaba).
Deadline for entries: October 31, 2006, 12 midnight, EST (i.e. tomorrow)
Other details - find it here.

We welcome you to participate in VCC Q3 2006. Pick one of your interesting festival food recipe and nominate it at this virtual cooking competition event. We want to see you being applauded for the great passion you have towards cooking food at home. Don’t Miss It!

Previous winners of VCC: VCC Q1 2003 and VCC Q2 2003.

To our friends and blogmates: We need your assistance in spreading and getting the word out to your colleagues and friends about VCC especially regading the deadline tomorrow. Thanks for your continued support.



Blogger Sandeepa said...

Hi vkn,
I was so rushed this weekend could not prepare anything festive enough.
Can I post one of my earlier recipes ?



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