November 23, 2006

Advait Narayanan

Here is 'Advait' Narayanan on his 18th day. DOB - November 6, 2006. Advait is a Sanskrit name, origins in the Vedas, means unique/nonduality. His elder brothers are Adarsh and Aditya Narayanans.

The friends and blogmates who came up suggesting this name for him were Vinod, Rricha Nimish, Priya, Manisha, Kutus, Ravi, Mallika, Ashwini, Archana, Rashmi, Manasi, Kadambari, Krithika, Nandita, Mystic, Ms Ch, Smitha, Vee, Maneesha, and a few other anonymous friends. Thank you folks! We (especially Advait) will never forget this!

Needless to say, we were humbled by the overwhelming number of responses from other friends and blogmates in searching a name for him and showering of blessings. Thank you very much everyone. As mentioned in a reply to a comment before, most people on earth have tens, hundreds, or thousands of people who share their name. We were looking for a very meaningful, unique, and slightly spiritual name. We never thought that naming of our babyboy would be that easy this time as there were a few conditions set already. Hope you like this name for him. What do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Advait is soooooooooooo cute. it will be nice if u post your family picture


Blogger Vini K said...

Hello VKN,Advait is a beautiful name!I am sure you will have a nice story to tell Advait when he grows up.He looks so cute.May I venture to say he looks a little like your mother.I had read your post about when she had passed away and saw her photo there.

Blogger Kay said...

just beautiful!


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