November 2, 2006

Bounty chocolates by Viji Jeyakumar

Chocolates – New Year

Any milk powder – 1 cup
Coco powder – 1 tablespoon
Sugar – ½ cup
Milk – 1 tablespoon
Butter – 20 grams
Home made chocolate with hazelnutMilkmaid – 1 tablespoon
Nuts of your choice
Desiccated coconut (DC)– 1 tablespoon

Preparation: Mix milk powder and coco powder well. In a bowl add sugar, butter, milk maid and milk and MW it for 2 minutes (high). Remove it from the oven and add milk powder mixed with coco powder well. Do this process outside. Make small ball and insert one nut inside and roll it in DC. Try to make it quickly. You can wrap it with the plain aluminium foil paper also.


The same chocolate can be prepared as bounty also. Keep the out portion as it is. For filling inside take milk powder ½ cup, sugar ¼ cup, milk ½ tbsp, butter 10 gms, milkmaid ½ tbsp and desiccated coconut 1/3 cup. Preparations are same. Make small ball of coconut chocolate and keep it ready. Then prepare outer chocolate portion and fill it with coconut balls and wrap it with colorful paper as shown in the photo.


This chocolate can be prepared in 5 minutes in MW.
Very easy and very delicious.
Coco powder can be added more as per your choice.