November 19, 2006

VCC Q4 2006 - theme suggestions are welcome!

At this time we are counting the votes of VCC Q3 2006 to finalize the winner of the competition. We aim to release the result by Wednesday evening. Please be patient and keep your eyes out for our e-mail regarding the results.

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Also, we welcome and will look forward to your valuable suggestions and inputs in choosing a theme for VCC Q4 2006.


Blogger Mythreyee said...

how about baking. just a suggestion.

Anonymous Aruna said...


Thanks for the great site, I have been eating more variety Indian food now & the credit goes to you & all the fellow bloggers who share their recipes so kindly.

For the next VCC4 round I would love if it were themed on VEGETABLES, Here in the US we get so many variety of veggies & greens. Half of the time I dont go near them coz, I wouldnt know what to do with them ...for ex Asparagus, Brussel sprouts, brocolli etc

So my vote for the VCC4 theme - VEGGIES, It is....


Blogger Shankari said...

A one pot veggie dish which belong each one's region , that way we get a whole bunch of one pot dishes which are close to their heart...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about lunch box series for kids/adults?


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