December 6, 2006

Feed a hungry child campaign - request for help!

We need volunteers as project team members for the 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign. We currently require experts (or team leaders) in the following fields,

(1) Fundraising
(2) Content Development
(3) Publications/Book Production
(4) Marketing.

If you work and/or have professional expertise in anyone of the areas and would like to contribute towards this noble cause, please contact Dilip ( and/or VK Narayanan ( Even if you are not an expert in any of the above fields but would love to take the lead in one of four areas, then also get in touch.

If you are available and want to work with us... please let us know asap. We appreciate every bit of help we get! Your expertise and leadership help and advice will be valuable to the project. It will provide clarity and guidance that will ensure objective of feeding a hungry child is realised effectively and efficiently.

If you cannot help but know of experts (relatives/friends) in these fields, then please let them know of this campaign.

The expert/team leader will manage that specific area and will develop possible solutions and associated implementation plan. Please note, some time and commitment is required for this task. So please set aside a little time to help this fantastic cause.

VCC: VCC Q4-2006: FAHC: FAHC-campaign


Anonymous Mae said...

Vijay, i'm sure you wouldn't mind, i have put the logo on my site's sidebar and a link back to FAHC campaign here.

Again, good luck.

Blogger iamnasra said...

pls email me on as I worked with children with cancer in Oman would love to help if I can


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