December 5, 2006

VCC 113 - Tandoor Platter - The 007

This picture and recipe is kindly contributed by Rricha Nimish to the group book project "You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child' Campaign" in an e-mail to us. She is currently living in Fremont, California, United States.

Recipe details of Tandoor Platter - The '007' are here.

In Rricha's own words, "I love to cook and read about cooking. My Dhaba inspired me to even write about cooking :-). I would like to submit even more. "

"This reminds me of my childhood. We used to watch cricket matches and movies on TV in India and my mother used to prepare these for us as a snack. We did not have an oven then so she used to prepare it in the hot griddle with little oil. It was a lot of work so I thought of making it simpler and healthier by baking it.

With 'Casino Royale' the Bond fever started again and we watched few old bond movies on TV. It was a "hit" snack during one of those Saturday night TV-movies. The Bond-mood got reflected in arranging the dish."

Folks - what do you think of this classic preparation? Please note - this is Rricha's first ever food recipe writing activity in earnest at her blog - How do I feel?.

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Blogger Saravanan said...

I'm feeling like preparing it now itself and eating it...But gone my non-veg eating days...Over all Great site for Bachelors like me. Keep it up :)


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