December 7, 2006

VCC 118 - Bharwan Shimla Mirch (Stuffed bell Pepper)

This recipe and picture is kindly contributed by Jayashree Mandal to the group book project "You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child' Campaign". She is currently living in the United States with her family.

Recipe details of Bharwan Shimla Mirch are here.

In Jayashree's own words - "Have you really pondered for some moments that we are much blessed by God for providing a shelter home, food to eat and money to spend? There are millions of those underprivileged who don’t have anything to eat or live life on streets - no luxury to afford... children living their life on begging and collecting garbage from road sides with no hope for a better tommorrow... It has been a great privilege for me to contribute into this noble cause, and as Mother Teresa said "We can not do all great things , but we can do small things with great love." That should be our inspiration. May God Bless everyone who are part of this great food event."

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