December 14, 2006

VCC 128 - Kolkata's Mishti Doi

Did you know that another food blog is born lately? It is indeed a matter of pride for me to introduce 'A Pinch of Spice" blog initiated by SJ from Portland, Oregon. SJ has kindly contributed her blog's first recipe Kolkata's Mishti Doi to the group book project "You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child' Campaign".

The recipe details of Kolkata's Mishti Doi are here.

In SJ's own kind words, "I'd really like to say how much I admire that you have taken the intiative to drive a good cause like this. It is so sad that while some people live with an over-abundance there are so many hungry children all over the world that we seem to forget about. Drops of water make the sea, and if each perosn would do their little bit, it could make a huge difference!"

VCC: VCC Q4-2006: FAHC: FAHC-campaign


Anonymous Deepika said...

Hi, I am new to Kolkata and was searching the net when i chanced upon your blog... nice post :)
I also found a site which might be of some interest to you

This has an exhaustive listing and details of restaurants in Kolkata. You may also read and write reviews...


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