December 15, 2006

VCC 133 - Microwave Mango Kalakand aka Indian Mango Fudge

This recipe and picture is kindly contributed by Snehal Roy to the group book project "You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child' Campaign". This is Snehal's third contribution in the book project.

In Snehal's own words, "This recipe was discovered by accident! I was making the traditional Kalakand for Raksha Bandhan when I realised that i had put in extra milk powder and had no cream left to soften the kalakand. At around that precise moment my significant other proclaimed that he felt like having "Mango Lassi". It was like a bulb lighting up in my head. I quickly added mango pulp to the kalakand and the rest is history. I make this fast dish every week and it is gobbled up within a few hours. "

The recipe details of mango kalakhand are here.

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