December 16, 2006

VCC 135 - Chettinad Chicken

This delightful recipe is kindly contributed by Rinku Bhattacharya to the group book project "You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child' Campaign".

In Rinku's own words, "this recipe with its generous doses of black pepper is certainly one for the spice lovers. In the good old days my husband loved spicy food, ever since our little ones have taken over my cooking regime there is not that much space left for fiery spices. Anyhow, I cooked this today and hope writing this up will in some very small measure help the little ones who do not have enough to eat."

The chettinad chicken recipe details are here.

VCC: VCC Q4-2006: FAHC: FAHC-campaign


Anonymous seema singh.k said...

it was awesome.. liked it very much....!


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