December 17, 2006

VCC 138 - Rice dish flavored with Dill leaves

This recipe has come from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, kindly contributed by Lera to the group book project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

Lera writes, "Green dill leaves are feathery and soft fern-like culinary herb. The leaves and seeds are flavorful seasonings. The leaves can be used fresh or dried in salads, veg/non veg baked dishes and soups. It is used widely in Indian cuisine to make curries and snacks. The long stalks of dill also can be cut in hand and used. Chopping of the leaves into tiny bits is not recommended because much of the flavor will be lost. When the leaves are dried, they are referred to as dill weeds. This is a simple, nutritious and easy to make delicious dish to relish to your heart's content.... Go ahead! It's a Rice dish flavored with Dill leaves."

The recipe details are here.

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