December 19, 2006

VCC 140 - Kobbari Paakam

This recipe has come from London, United Kingdom, kindly contributed by Vini K to the group book project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

In Vini's own words, "there are some things we can never forget. In my list of unforgettable things is this simple sweet which we used to buy in shops near temples in Andhra Pradesh, India, when we were very young. I can never forget the taste of the roasted coconut chips coated with jaggery. I managed to re-create this simple but classic sweet at home."

The recipe details of Kobbari Paakam are here.

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Blogger nvittal said...

WOW - cool site. Kobbari Paakam - This is not just in Andhra Pradesh. We have it on the western coast of Karnataka (Mangalore region) too!!


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