December 21, 2006

VCC 149 - Kezhvaragu Koozh aka Ragi Porridge

Here is another recipe from Lakshmiammal's traditional kitchen in Illinois, US, contributed to the group book project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

In her own words, "we purposely preserve a ragi mudda ball for making this ’piece of heaven ’ porridge called 'koozh' in tamil. I learnt this dish from my husband’s athai (father’s sister) who taught me a lighter technology to get the same great taste."

The recipe details of kezhvaragu koozh are here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see ragi recipes. Mr. VKN, just a thought!!!!

Can you please update the blog rolling and it will nice to see more updated blogs in the list

Thanks Sam


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