December 23, 2006

VCC 158 - Chana Bamboo shoot Palya

This is a classic coffee estate recipe kindly contributed by Asha Arvind to the group book project project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

In Asha's own words, "A classic combination of coffee plantation-style Chana-Bamboo Palya with Coorgi Akki Rotti! These recipes are from my grandmother's kitchen as they make them often in the coffee plantations around Hassan in Karnataka, India. Bamboos are grown abundantly around coffee plants to keep them in the shade. When the bamboo shoots are just about a foot above the ground,they are cut, soaked in water and chopped to use in the dishes. These recipes are unique to that region and delicious!"

The recipe details of chana bamboo shoot palya are here.

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Blogger Seema said...

Wow chana and bamboo shoot ...this must be a nice combo isn't it. Man how much i miss fresh bamboo shoot here :-(


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