December 28, 2006

VCC 165 - Green Peas Saagu

This saagu dish recipe is kindly contributed by Asha Arvind to the group book project project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

In Asha's own words, "Saagu is a classic Karanataka dish, usually made with mixed vegetables like Cauliflower,carrots,french beans,potatoes etc. But you can use any dry beans,soaked and cooked with typical saagu spices. I am giving you a Saagu recipe made with Green Peas. It goes deliciously with dosas, idlis ,chapatis and specially with freshly made Pooris. Hope you try and enjoy the delicious Saagu with Pooris."

The recipe details of green peas saagu are here.

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Anonymous Anna said...


I came here looking for a recipe for green peas curry, and found saag from Asha. But the link given for saag is that of pooris.



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