March 4, 2007

Spread the flavour - The Hindu story

Ramya Kannan, Special Correspondent, The Hindu - India's national newspaper was very kind in writing up a story about our campaign Feed a Hungry Child in today's newspaper (Sunday, March 4, 2007).

Here is the link. And, yes that is my picture.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats VKN! That's a great thing you are doing. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes.

Blogger Vcuisine said...

Congrats for your selfless work Vijay. Viji

Blogger Vini K said...

Hello VKN,congratulations on this achievement.I am sure your noble idea will now get more and more contributors.Nice to see your picture too.Hope your boys and wife are doing good.My best wishes to all of you.

Blogger swapna said...

Hi vknji
Congrats!!all the best for ur future success..

Blogger vkn said...

Thanks everyone.

Blogosphere is proving to be quite powerful. The ongoing generous support from all around the world by the food/nonfood bloggers and food lovers are immensely helpful. We have come a long way but there is a longer way to go moving along with the campaign - together we can do it. Thats all that matters - finally we are going to join the fight against global poverty by feeding hungry children one by one.

These kind of press releases and review posts by other bloggers will certainly help gaining a little more visibility so that the project gathers a few more traditional recipes to accomplish the target of 365 recipes in the cookbook 'You Can Cook'.

Blogger Helene said...

Congratulations!! Hoping you succeed! :)

Anonymous Suma said...


Congratulations!! Keep up the good work!! Thanks for sharing your photo too.

Blogger nav said...


Thanks a bunch for stopping by and inviting me to this noble campaign you are pursuing. Hearty Congratulations on working for such a selfless cause. I would love to participate, I do know the recipes of some of the goodies as I was helping out my mother while she was making those. But, am not sure if you need just the recipe or more detailed posts with additional pictures. It is probably a good idea to check your blog for previous postings about this project 'You can cook'.



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