May 28, 2007

Something to snack on - chakar-kadis and namkeen-kadis

It has been a while since I entered my kitchen and put thought to cook something - anything worth to be posted at My Dhaba. AAA team (hope you know all of them by now - Adarsh, Aditya, and the little Advait with his cute smile) were pestering me too much today to cook something for them :-) . It was tea time when I reached back home today evening from office so I could sneak out some time quite easily.

Here is what I prepared today, sharing it with you. Chakar kadis... and namkeen kadis... Hope you have already heard about these home-cooked delicacies. Yes, these are absolutely traditonal ones, quite an easy sweets/snack combo to prepare too. Folks - do try these out.

So, bringing the ingredients together...
Chakar kadi recipe

To make 12 servings:

Maida flour – 2-1/2 teacups (I used all-purpose flour today)
Sugar – 1 cupful, finely powdered
Ghee – 3 cupfuls
Salt – a pinch, powdered
Rice flour – 1-1/2 teacups

Method: Sift the maida and add a pinch of powdered salt to it. Add water little by little to the maida and make it to a hard stiff dough. Keep aside for 2 hours. Smear a bit of ghee over the dough and knead very well once again till it turns soft and elastic.

Mix 4 teaspoons of rice flour with half cup of warm ghee and beat together to a thin cream.

Take a ball of dough the size of a small orange and roll out to a thin round as finely as you possibly can, smearing the surfaces of the round generously with rice flour while rolling it. After you have rolled out the ball of dough to a thin round, smear its surface all over with the rice flour-ghee cream. Next, lift the right side edge of the round and fold so that its central edge covers two-thirds of the surface of the round. Smear the rice flour-ghee cream all over, then lift the uncovered left side of the round and fold it over so that the middle edge of its circumference reaches the central end of the first folded line; if you have understood the directions so far correctly, you will now have a rough rectangle before you. Fold this twice or fold by half to form a square. Remember that before and after every fold you must smear the surface of the round with rice flour-ghee cream. This is just like making a square-shaped paratha. Now roll out the square of folded dough with a light hand till it is about one-eighth inch thick. Cut it into inch squares or diamond shapes. Deep fry these cut pieces in smoking hot ghee to a light brown color and while still hot drench liberally with powdered sugar. These sweet tit-bits may be served hot or cold. Kids will love it.

To make namkeen kadis, while still hot sprinkle coarsely ground black pepper and a little powdered salt. That is how I like it. Alternatively, you may add the ground black pepper and a little powdered salt to the dough and make in the same way, omitting of course the sugar. Enjoy!

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Blogger Srivalli said...

Hello Mr. VKN, Welcome back. Looks like you have been away for quite sometime.

Anyway Good to have you have back and that too with yummy dishes too.

Blogger Daily new!!! said...

That sounds so delicious!
You should post it at!
It really sounds like the kind of recipes they are looking for!
I can't wait to try it!


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