June 20, 2007

First Online Donation at FAHC

Folks - have you observed this? FAHC has received its first online donation of $20 via Chip-In Widget used at one of the blogs. The ChipIn event for feedahungrychild.org is now live and ready to collect money via Pay Pal securely. We are now collecting donations from individuals to help keep the smiles of 14 children going at FAHC.

We need your help. Here is a request to help us promoting FAHC's fundraising ChipIn event. You may just copy the widget code and post it on your web sites/blogs. You may also customize size, color, and info of the ChipIn widget as per your site's requirement using this URL:http://www.chipin.com/mywidgets/id/155204a2185dda81. The ChipIn Widget is a simple application that shows information about FAHC's ChipIn event on any Web page you place it on. If you have a blog, a social networking profile, or your own Web site, just cut and paste FAHC's ChipIn widget code and you can let all of your visitors know about FAHC's ChipIn event.

Support FAHC! Help keep the smiles of the children going!

Thank you Shubha for sharing below thoughts. Here is "About Giving" by Shubha Khandekar.

"When disaster strikes, people need attention and support to build their lives. The recovery process takes months or even years to complete. Isn't it easy for all of us to fall back in our comfort zone thinking it’s all over and that someone will be doing the job of rehabilitation/relief work? This is not a game about survival. These are real life situations. There are families living on charity or being supported by Government aid when you are reading this. It does not have to be this way. Each one of us has a duty to support a solution. Help the community to rebuild the nation.

Don't know what to give? Volunteer your time. Donate one day's salary. Some people do not want to give charity as they fear it would be misused. While it is a good idea to donate where you trust, it should not be an excuse not to give. It should not bother as much as it is the intention which counts. After all, you could only be responsible for the things which are in your control in doing good deeds. Perhaps the hardest part in giving is the very act of giving inflates your ego which overrides the concern. Indeed the best recourse is to give and forget. Real service is that which is done silently without anyone’s knowledge."

End quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead -
Edited to add: Please note that FAHC's online donation processing systems ChipIn and PayPal are temporarily down as we are awaiting the nonprofit status from Income Tax authorities. Please do check out the Donate Smiles page of http://feedahungrychild.org to see all other donation options. Stay tuned. Thanks.

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Blogger Asha said...

Hi vkn,I will attach this widget in my blog and will donate as well.
I just got a e mail from Dilip who sent a article to me done on this FAHC project and the author mentioned my name in Times of India!!I am thrilled.Thank you and Dilip for that.Can't wait until the book comes out!:)


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