June 5, 2007

Gonu is hitting us at Muscat tonight!

Picture courtesy: Gulf News
Gonu is hitting us at Muscat today! Read more news here and all over the internet.
I along with some of my colleagues have decided to stay awake the whole tonight. Here is my telephone number +968 9521 8047. If anyone needs help, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Some other emergency contact numbers in Muscat, Oman, are as follows.
Royal Oman police - 9999
Royal Hospital - +968 24599525
Armed Forces Hospital - +968 24599525
Rusayl Emergency - +968 24446410
The ROP have said they will issue three-hourly updates. These will be transmitted through the general media, including FM radio and the Oman News Agency website.
Pass on this info if you know of someone in need. Cheers!
I will get you more news and picture after Gonu's blowout.

Folks – do pray for all Muscat people tonight and tomorrow!

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Blogger Seena said...

My prayers for you and all people of Oman, really appreciate your helping mentality..Have visited there twice, a very nice place!

Blogger Manasi said...

Hope that everyone is safe! Take care

Blogger Suganya said...

My prayers are with you. Take good care of yourself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you.
i was in Fujairah a few days ago and the situation is intense.
But all in all we are hoping for the best.
allah waqbar



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