June 13, 2007

Gonu is now gone with the wind - time to reflect!

It is time to reflect post-Gonu. Here are a dozen things gathered from here and there that I wish everyone knew. Sharing it with you!

1. Life is short, and any day may be your last. Live so as to not regret your last day.
2. Family is the most important thing in our tenuous lives.
3. Family is what happens to people when they spend time together. Eat meals together, with the TV off of course. Laugh together.
4. Life is easier when you work as a team.
5. Nature is powerful.
6. Water is precious.
7. We all have similar needs.
8. Good and bad exist together.
9. Time is in short supply and there are oversupplies of opportunities.
10. Sometime it is good to remember that not all the world has access to very basic things in life (water, food, electricity and other things).
11. There are so many people who invest for tomorrow rather than for today.
12. Nothing remains constant; everything is in a flux of change.

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Blogger Jyothsna said...

Been following all the news on Gonu... hope things are fine at your end.

Blogger Paul Munton said...

13. Don't build houses, offices or anything else in wadis or within their flood plains...
Dr Paul.


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