June 10, 2007

Muscat Gonu Effect Update: Free water distribution outlets

Following are some of the places that has come to my notice where free water is distributed to the public. Hope this helps someone.

1. Before Al Mawaleh roundabout (right side).
2. After Al Rusayl roundabout while coming from Seeb (right side).
3. Al Khoud near to the second roundabout after The Sultan Center.
4. Al Khoud near the Majesty’s mosque
5. Maysoon street near the new big Mosque.
6. Lulu, Al Ghubra roundabout
7. After Ramez supermarket on the way to Seeb
8. Mabela south near Oman Oil petrol station, before the industrial area near the signals
9. Mabela south near the military camp.
10. Al Hail south, near the shell petrol station.
11. Wadi kabir water filling station.
12. Ruwi water filling station.
13. Boucher water filling station.

Readers out there - if you know of any places other than listed above, kindly add those names via the comment box below or send me a separate e-mail please at info dot vkn at gmail dot com.

Most of our staff and contacts are now reachable over phone from over the Muscat areas except Wadi Hatat where only four-wheelers can go in, the movement is very slow, and communication is yet to be restored. There are helicopter services to get food and water to the civilians trapped in that area. Per the latest figures released by the ROP, in the entire Oman 49 people have lost their lives and 27 are reported missing.

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