June 6, 2007

Storm Gonu Update: Important Notice!

Royal Oman Police is urging the public living near low grounds, coastal beach and wadi paths, to move to evacuation centers or move to safer higher grounds immediately.

Folks - please pass on this information.

Also for latest update on Storm Gounu, just send an SMS with keyword GUNO to 90500. This information is from Oman Mateorology Office.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank-you for providing the updates - there is very little info available online. I'm in Kuwait and, while there is no danger to us, I am concerned for everyone in the coastal areas of Oman.

Not that I am an expert, but be careful as this progresses as the early rains will tend to saturate the soil/sand and natural drainage and later rains could lead to flooding.

What is the current situation where you are with flooding/rains? Has a storm surge rolled in from the sea yet?

Blogger Chinku said...

Good job VKN. Not much newsflow out of Oman. Saw some snaps taken by avid bloggers like yourself. I too live in Kuwait and have been keenly following the developments as my brother is currently in Oman. Thank God that there aren't any casualties as yet. Hope it remains that way. Trust that you and family are safe. Do post some snaps that you have taken lately.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope the worst from the storm is over and you & your family is doing ok.


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