June 7, 2007

Storm Gonu Update: Nawras network coverage is now back in Oman!

I could not get you any updates due to the disrupted communication network coverage of Nawras, our ISP. It is all restored now. Thanks Nawras team, great work done. I have quite a few short videos to share and will post it here in a short while. Just stay tuned.

In brief,

At Oman Time 0945 hours, all rains have now stopped since early morning. There are still mild-to-moderate winds. We could also see thick clouds flowing faster all over the sky. So happy to feel the pleasant sunny light outside. There are instructions from ROP for the villagers (one of my friends at Al Sumail reported this to me) not to travel to the main city Muscat as most of the wadis are still overflowing over the main roads and they are blocked.

So, we all are dry and safe. Do not worry!

I plan to get my bike out and pedal to nearby places and will get you pictures of Gonu's destructions so far in the nearby places Al Rusayl, Al Khoud, Al Hail, and Al Seeb areas, if I could find any. More later. Cheers!

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Blogger Chinku said...

Thanks again VKN. Trust that the worst is over. But do be careful with your efforts in getting pictures on the net

Anonymous Indira said...

Glad to hear that you and family are doing good VKN. Don't be too adventurous. Keep warm and keep safe!

I heard that this hurricane is the biggest to hit middle-east region in the last 50 years or so. Hope the damage was minimum and no lives were lost.

Blogger Sudha said...

Glad to know that U and ur family are safe VKN..Take care..

Anonymous Venkata Ram R Amruthapuri said...

hi vijay,
Our area is very badly effected. (qurum). No electricity and water for last two days and glad to know the everything is fine at your end.



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