June 6, 2007

Storm Gonu Update: Overpouring wadis across the main roads at 0740 am Oman Time

Rain has once again started downpouring all across Rusayl, Al Khoud, and Hail areas of Muscat where water from the wadis are overflowing onto the main roads. There is also diminished visibility to zero at some places which makes it difficult for drivers to see. Rain is currently ongoing. Wind speed seems to be reduced though. There are reports from other places that things are getting worser every minute but I have not come across any untoward incidences so far except that I have seen some fallen trees on the roads due to heavy winds. It seems it is wise to stay in the car at times and turn on the emergency flashers until the heavy rains subside.

More later.

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Blogger hope and love said...

my brother and sis with their families are at ruvi. its so scary. hope everything works out fine.


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