June 6, 2007

Storm Gonu Update: Things are getting worse at 1445 hours Oman Time!

Once upon a time, this was known to be a road in front of our house and now more or less looks like a vibrant river.

Dare devils still taking a risk driving on the risky roads.

At 1445 hours Oman Time, strong wind, very high waves, and fierce rains continues to affect here at Muscat region. We could hear some very strong thunders lately. It is really scary and there is fear everywhere. There are no visible pedestrians on the road. Yes, it seems like all 'muscateers' are cocooned inside their houses with their family and kids.

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Blogger vi5in said...

Good luck to you guys. Hope you all remain safe!

Blogger Sandeepa said...

Stay Safe

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Pray for you be safe


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