June 6, 2007

Storm Gonu Update: Video #1


Blogger Suganya said...

Thats scary. Please be careful!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing; indeed scary images. I can very well recall the places; I grew up there and my parents and siblings are still there. Hope normalcy returns soon to Oman. Take care.

Anonymous Suus said...

I'm so very sorry for everybody there in Oman who have suffered from the cyclone! Fortunately my parents and friends are ok but I really feel bad for all those people who didn't have that much luck!

It hurts me to see the beautifull Oman this messed up!

Anonymous Bobby said...

Thanks a lot for your posts. My brother is in Izki and we are yet to hear from him. Do you know whether areas around Izki were affected? We truly believe that he hasn't contacted us because of issues with communication lines. When we call him, we get the msg, "The call cannot be completed".

Your reply will be greatly appreciated.


Blogger vkn said...

Folks - gonu is now gone! Things are getting normalized. Thank you very much for your prayers.

Bobby - I have been trying to reach Izki area but unfortunately communication has not been restored so far. Izki is a coastal village. There are quite a few wadis passing thru Izki road, must have been cut. Maybe, if you could give more details of your brother, I will approach the ROP and get you some help. You may want to send a separate email to me regarding this at info dot vkn at gmail dot com. Meanwhile, I will keep trying to get some news from Izki.


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