October 14, 2007

FAHC Subscribe to Smiles Day!

What would happen if every blogger published posts discussing the issue of hunger on the same day?

The FAHC Subscribe to Smiles Day is now born. On October 15th, food bloggers around the world will unite and subscibe to the Smiles Day.

It was Indira of Mahanandi's thoughtful initiative and wonderful expression of great support to the cause. Please check out these links - http://dininghall.blogspot.com/2007/10/fahc-subscribe-to-smiles-day-call-to.html and here - http://www.nandyala.org/mahanandi/?p=979.

That means we need all of you to subscribe to FAHC Smiles Day, post anything relating to hunger in your own way. To subscribe to Smiles Day, donate your mite online via the Chip-In/PayPal widget located just below and also at the side bar of the participating blogs. Find more details on how to participate, please visit here.

The more people who hear about FAHC Subscribe to Smiles Day the better, so if you would like to help us promote the initiative and help spread the hunger awareness, feel free to use any of the logos/banners/pictures/chip-in widgets posted at http://feedahungrychild.org/.

To customize the Chip-In widget (title, color, size), please visit here - http://feedahungrychild.chipin.com/feedahungrychildorg

For additional information about FAHC and Donate Smiles fund-drive, please contact - info.fahc@gmail.com.



Blogger Siri said...

Indeed a noble cause VKN.... you have a total support from all of us..:) I am happy to inform you that I posted about FAHC today.. thanks..

Blogger Asha said...

Hi, we just had a exhausting weekend, so I will not be posting any today but will gladly donate to this great cause and put the logo on the sidebar at FH.Hope it's working now!:))

Blogger Asha said...

I have donated and posted smiles logo in my post and chip in in the sidebar. Now you can add my name too! Thanks:))

Asha Arvind.

Blogger Linda said...

Congratulations, VKN, on the wonderful success of Subscribe To Smiles. Wishing you many more :)


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