March 24, 2006

Beef fry

Here is a slightly different result to the beef/mutton sukha fry recipe posted before. No changes were made in its original recipe.



Blogger Tina Jennifer D'Silva said...

Hmmm.... this definitely looks much tastier than the one before...

Blogger Brownsplosion said...

I'm a poor college student and don't really have all the spices. Instead of grinding all those spices can I just marinate it with garam masala powder?

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Tina - you are right. We too loved the not-so-sukha version; was so succulent and much tastier than the one before.

VGandhi - yes, you can. We prefer instantly made powder as given in the garam masala powder recipe. Let us know pl how it came out at your kitchen.

Blogger Brownsplosion said...

I finally tried this recipe today and I used stew meat instead of regular diced beef. The meat was a little tough, but it was definitely very tasty. Thanks for the recipe, it was really simple to make.


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